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Henderson Professional Engineers | President and CEO

Photo by Joi Conti

Jen Henderson, P.E , is the president and CEO of Henderson Professional Engineers (HPE), a civil engineering firm headquartered in Round Rock, Texas. Henderson’s leadership sets high standards of excellence, integrity and community engagement. HPE enhances communities through superior-quality civil engineering construction plans for land development projects. Her strengths in strategic problem-solving, collaboration and diligence inspire diversity, innovation and excellence in engineering. She works hard to ensure all of her employees succeed as a team of very high performers, and with continual improvement while dedicating herself to not only foster a thriving work environment, but also to protect her staff’s work-life balance. She was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, and moved to the Austin area after obtaining her civil engineering degree from Texas Tech University. She is the mother of two sports-loving kids and a wife to her husband of 17 years. Jen Henderson embodies the empowerment and inclusivity that women leaders bring to the fore front. 



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