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Silicon Hills Wealth Management, LLC, Director of Financial Planning

Let’s celebrate! Glenda Molina radiates joy every single day through the work she does empowering her community. She values connection and kindness, the pillars of her professionalism. Helping others accomplish their goals motivates her, especially ambitious female leaders who seek to achieve financial freedom to make an impact on the world. As a Certified Financial Planner™ at Silicon Hills Wealth Management, she guides individuals and families through fun planning sessions, collaborating with their trusted network of professionals to align their wealth with their vision and goals. In her director of financial planning role, Molina navigates life stages with you, from retirement savings to spending strategies, or maximizing new wealth from a windfall such as inheritance or equity compensation, building a longstanding trusted relationship. With a wealth of knowledge in philanthropy, she loves guiding clients along their personal giving journey, and her contagious enthusiasm ensures everyone’s experience is fulfilling and exciting.




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