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Siller Preferred Services, LLC | CEO

Fulfilling a dream while providing livable wages is the driving force behind Christina Paz, owner of Siller Preferred Services. Growing up in South Texas with her six siblings, Paz watched her mom struggle to meet her monthly obligations as a migrant worker, often relying on social services and government assistance. Wanting to break the cycle of poverty, Paz dreamed of a future of stability. While living in Minnesota, she worked for an employment agency. Working her way up from receptionist to regional manager, she realized how she could help individuals, like her mother, provide for their families with honest work. Moving back to Texas prompted Paz to open her employment agency in 2014. Today, Siller provides over 150 individuals throughout Austin with livable wages. A mom of three, Paz stresses the importance of hard work and giving back to your community. She is an active member of her church and enjoys Pilates.




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