Entrepreneur Rachel Green is utilizing the subscription-box business model to empower women, one supportive tool at a time.

By Lydia Gregovic, Photo courtesy of Rachel Green

As the CEO of successful public-relations firm A Brand Called You, Rachel Green has built her career on helping young entrepreneurs succeed. Now, with the founding of her new subscription-box service, Leader Ship Box, she’s joining their ranks.

Leader Ship Box, inspired by Green’s desire to provide support and resources for businesswomen throughout the world, gives Green the opportunity to combine her expertise in PR and marketing with her passion for helping equip and bolster today’s female leaders.

“Historically, most of my clients in my [PR] firm have been female business owners,” Green explains. “So, with the help of my network, I felt that a subscription-box service would allow us to bring business knowledge and expertise to the doorsteps of women across the globe.”

A quarterly subscription service, Leader Ship Box includes just about everything a successful entrepreneur could want, other than the job itself. Within each box, customers will find a fashionable handbag, a book authored by a “lady leader” and a professional-development guide, among other goodies. But unlike other subscription-based services, the benefits of Green’s company extend far beyond the box.

“We focus on the holistic view of a woman,” Green says.

In addition to offering subscribers curated goods such as handbags, Leader Ship Box connects customers to one another through a unique community approach. Women who subscribe gain access to valuable resources, including virtual conference calls with established businesswomen, career workshops and the Leader Ship Box book club. Members also become part of a network of powerful women throughout the world.

“Community is really important because most entrepreneurial lessons are not learned in a classroom,” Green says. “They’re mostly learned through real-life experiences…and with a community, you get to share those experiences with one another.”

More than textbook learning, Green’s service allows women to interact with like-minded ladies with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, creating a wealth of knowledge from which all participants can benefit.

While some may view the path to business success as an every-woman-for-herself game, Green’s philosophy is grounded in helping others.

“As a publicist, I gain great joy from seeing my clients succeed,” she says. “So, when creating Leader Ship Box, I wanted to make sure that I provided those same resources and tools for our subscribers, to help them succeed in the same way.”

Instead of viewing fellow female entrepreneurs as competition, Green hopes to encourage them on their journey to becoming lady leaders, a term she says is at the center of her brand.

“[A lady leader is] an expert in her field, she’s confident in her walk and she empowers others around her,” Green explains.

Whether she’s setting fashion trends or analyzing trends in data, a lady leader is a force to be reckoned with. As Green puts it, a lady leader is “a total badass.”

While Green may not admit it, the savvy entrepreneur’s dedication, drive and ingenuity mark her as a lady leader in her own right. Drawing inspiration from her mother, an auspicious businesswoman herself, Green has built an empire by blending her business expertise and passion for empowering women into a marketable product. But like most women, she’s encountered a few bumps in the road along her way.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned,” Green explains, “is, if you can’t survive, you’re unable to help anyone else. I was vying for the attention of clients in a world full of publicists that did similar things as I did…[but]once I started to focus on myself and my own brand, that’s when I was able to ensure the survival of my firm.”

Now, with a flourishing PR firm and the launch of Leader Ship Box, Green is more than surviving; she’s thriving. And in the true spirit of community, she’s rising higher with every new success story she helps create.



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