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Serving the Greater Austin area as a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty, Mimi Bond leads through her purpose of helping others discover the joy of investing in real estate and champions her team to build lifetime relationships with their clients by going beyond the transaction. She has a passion for uplifting and empowering women to unlock their potential for relentless growth, and partners with community organizations to give back to people who need it the most.

Mimi Bond

Tell us a little more about yourself, Mimi.

Born and raised in Macedonia, I came to the U.S. in 2005 as a work- and travel-exchange student working for the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in Colorado. I used to make fun of people who would move away from Macedonia, and in the end, I became one of those people. The summer of 2005 was the best summer of my life. We were a group of 25 exchange students from all over Europe. I ended up meeting my now husband, Richard, that year. Some of the best friendships came out of that summer. Let me tell you, the Hyatt was a matchmaker back then because at least five marriages came out of that summer. 

How did you find yourself moving to Austin?

Even though the Vail Valley is one of the most beautiful places you could live in, we found ourselves not having a lot of opportunity for growth. Also, we wanted our children to live in a more diverse environment. In 2012, we moved to Austin. We felt it had a lot to offer, and it’s been amazing to see the amount of growth and potential the city has experienced since we moved here. I was able to transfer with Hyatt and worked for Hyatt Regency Lost Pines until 2017 where I was able to continue my career in hospitality.

What made you choose a career in real estate?

I used to watch the HGTV channel all the time and became so inspired by the projects I was seeing. I told my husband that we should start flipping houses and signed us up for a meet-and-greet with one of the HGTV gurus when I saw the opportunity. We realized early on that we could build a better lifestyle for our family and help others do the same. We started by educating ourselves, went to seminars, read books, and in 2016, we bought our first flip. After that home, we bought five more houses. Now here we are five years later with over 150 remodels completed. Since we needed someone to sell the remodels, the most logical thing was to get my real estate license and quit my corporate job. That’s how The Bond Team with Keller Williams came about.

Who is The Bond Team Real Estate?

The Bond Team is a women-led real estate team based in Austin. We are passionate about helping our clients buy, sell or invest in their next home. We specialize in residential and remodeled homes in the greater Austin area and offer our services to people who are looking to buy or sell their home, or to people who are interested in growing their real estate investment business with us. Our goal is to build lifetime relationships with our clients. We do this by our client experiences that go beyond the transaction.

Tell us more about the community work The Bond Team does.

We believe we can collectively be the change we want for our communities. In the past year, we’ve been honored to start our own give-back program called Bonded Together: Pay It Forward where we can continuously support local organizations such as Austin Angels and Dress For Success Austin while also helping people when they need it the most.

What drives your motivation and success?

As a woman and an immigrant who comes from a country where opportunities are scarce, you need to know people through connections. Through those connections, you might be able to achieve some success. Since I’ve lived in the U.S., I have discovered a knowledge-seeking lifestyle along with knowing the hard work will pay off for me and my family. I will keep pushing forward and keep making meaningful connections. I’ve found that the “American Dream” is achievable. I am proof of that, and that’s what drives me to unlock that truth for others.



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