These exotic game ranch managers play a key role in upholding Texas Disposal Systems’ more than 40-year commitment to environmental preservation.

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Texas Disposal Systems -  Jennifer Gregory and Rebekah Koehly Gregory

Rebekah Koehly Gregory and Jennifer Gregory, daughters of Bob and Jim Gregory, the co-founders of Texas Disposal Systems, play a key role in upholding the company’s more than 40-year commitment to environmental preservation. Located in Creedmoor, Texas, TDS is a fully integrated facility that incorporates solid-waste disposal,compost production and recycling operations. Koehly Gregory and Gregory run the unique TDS Exotic Game Ranch, a private facility that has helped raise more than $26 million for more than 2,400 nonprofits and guests of the company at no charge to the organizations. The ranch is living proof of conservation efforts and how properly run landfill operations with strong environmental stewardship can coexist. Whether Koehly Gregory is helping with the more than 100 animal species on the ranch or Gregory is coordinating a fundraising event for a nonprofit, these environmental stewards are dedicated to working in the best interest of their neighbors, employees and the communities TDS serves.



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