Gabriela Bucio shares the inspiration behind her new restaurant, Taquero Mucho.

By Courtney Runn, Photos by Carlos Reyes

With its rosy tortillas, fuchsia cocktails and cherry-covered bathroom, Taquero Mucho was always bound to be a social-media star. The taqueria opened in mid-February on West Avenue, taking over closed pizzeria Frank and Angie’s. A play on the Spanish for ‘I love you,’ Owner Gabriela Bucio says once she knew she “wanted a pink restaurant, there was no other name for it.”

Bucio also owns modern Mexican restaurant Gabriela’s Downtown and nightlcub Mala Vida with her brother Arturo Bucio and hopes
to keep adding to their foodie empire beyond this recent expansion. Born in Mexico and raised in McAllen, Texas, Gabriela Bucio has now spent more than 20 years in Austin. No stranger to the city’s crowded industry scene, she focuses on food and atmosphere, letting her restaurants speak for themselves.

“I want to let people know [Taquero Mucho] is woman-owned and -operated. It’s by us, for us. Yes, it’s Instagrammable and really pretty, but that’s just because I’m very creative,” Gabriela Bucio says. “The food and drinks are very authentic. I like to say it’s cute but it’s still Mexican AF.”

Austin Woman talked to Gabriela Bucio to find out the details behind Austin’s cutest new restaurant.

Austin Woman: What inspired your new taqueria?

Gabriela Bucio: We wanted to open up a second taqueria downtown and because at Gabriela’s we have a lot of bachelorettes [and] a lot of bachelor parties come through, we just noticed that Austin is a high destination for bachelorette and bachelor parties. So, we wanted to provide a space—a very girl-friendly space—where bachelorettes can come and celebrate their special occasion.

AW: Who did you work with to design the space?

GB: I worked with Unhinged Studio, but it was my idea. I chose everything. I made the flower wall myself…I basically got with them and said, ‘I want a pink restaurant. This is the wallpaper I want, this is the color I want, where should I put it?’ It was a collaboration between them and I. I just kept saying, ‘It’s not pink enough, it’s not pink enough.’ I just really wanted it to be over-the-top pink.

AW: How did you design the menu and make sure it reflected the pink theme, too?

GB: It’s my brother who does the food. We decided to make the tacos pink, as well, and use all-natural ingredients. We use vegetables, fruits to make the margaritas pink…and just try to have as much pink stuff on the menu.

AW: Do you have more restaurants in the works?

GB: Yes, we have one more pop-up that we want to open…I’d love to maybe open another Gabriela’s, too somewhere north or south. Taquero Mucho is doing really well so, you never know, I might want to open another Taquero Mucho as well.



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