Attend Papi Siii’s Latin music takeover fundraiser to support Cheer Up Charlies. Enjoy beats, specials and support this iconic LGBTQ+ venue.

Gabriela Bucio x Papi Siii

By Isabel Neumann, Photos courtesy of Cheer Up Charlies

Gabriela’s Group announces the comeback of Papi Siii, Austin’s favorite gay Latin party series. This special one-night-only Latin music takeover at Cheer Up Charlies features DJ Gabby Got It and Dragonn Queen. Launched in 2021, Papi Siii is a monthly LGBTQ+ event series that aims to create a space for Austin’s underrepresented gay Latin community. Gabriela Bucio, the owner of Gabriela’s Group, shares her inspiration for the collaboration. “I have been a fan of Cheer Up Charlies for as long as I can remember,” she says. “Before I owned any venues downtown, I used to be a Cheer Up Charlies fan. I have great, fond memories there.” 

What makes this event even more special is the collaboration between two women- and POC-owned businesses. In a heartwarming gesture of solidarity, this Papi Siii edition will double as a fundraiser for Cheer Up Charlies, an Austin nightlife staple and LGBTQ+ safe space. All ticket proceeds and bar sales will be donated to support the venue, making it an opportunity for the community to come together and give back.  

“Cheer Ups is a true institution for Austin nightlife, which is why we’ve stepped up to help protect this important cultural fixture in our queer community,” says Jason Lee, events director for Gabriela’s Group and a proud member of the Austin LGBTQ+ community. “Our team hopes this special collaboration will encourage others to donate and give back in Cheer Ups’ time of need this spring.” 

Community & Collaboration

The choice for this collaboration stems from community and solidarity. “We both care a lot about our community and our fans,” Bucio says. “Our collaboration is more than just a specific sexual preference, gender, race; it’s about two underrepresented communities coming together to uplift one another.” 

Papi Siii’s motivation for collaborating with Cheer Up Charlies was the venue’s status as a staple in Austin’s live music scene. This collaboration is a testament to shared values and a commitment to supporting underrepresented communities. Bucio expresses admiration, saying, “They support a lot of live acts and local artists.” 

Past success with Latin-centered music events was the catalyst to Papi Siii’s return to the iconic Austin venue. “I love how well I’ve been received there by the community at Cheer Up Charlies, all their staff, the owner and all of their fans. It just made sense to bring Papi Siii there once Papi Siii was created,” says Bucio. The challenging winter for bars downtown, especially for outdoor venues, resonated with Bucio, prompting her to take action. “When I read [Cheer Ups’] social media posts about how the venue was struggling to stay afloat, the Papi Siii team and I wanted to help out and do what we could,” Bucio reveals. 

Cheer Up Charlies, Providing Safe Spaces

Inclusivity is a key theme in this collaboration, with a focus on supporting women- and POC-owned businesses. “There’s not a lot of women-owned and POC-owned bars/clubs in the downtown area,” she explains. “We hope that Cheer Up Charlies can stick around for more time. They have a lot of love and respect from the community, so we want them to be here longer.” 


Events like this play a crucial role in creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and other underrepresented groups. “This event will serve as an example of how diverse communities of all types can come together to make a positive impact here in our own backyard,” she says. 

Bucio sees this collaboration as a chance to give back and uplift neighbors in need. “I think it’s just about stepping up as a local community leader,” she says. “Looking around and searching for ways to give back, uplift and support our neighbors. 

“We want to support Cheer Up Charlies because they’re having some financial problems,” she continues. “We want to hype up the event and give them funds so they can stay open longer.” With the energy of Papi Siii and the support of the community, the collaboration between Gabriela’s Group and Cheer Up Charlies promises to be a memorable and impactful event for Austin’s vibrant cultural landscape. 

Papi Siii’s Latin music takeover takes place Saturday, Feb. 17, from 9:00 p.m. to 2: a.m. Click here for tickets. $7 presale and $10 general admission. Please note, the event is 21+. For more information check out Cheer Up Charlies (@cheerupcharlies) and Papi Siii ( on Instagram. 


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