Who doesn’t love Halloween? We at Austin Woman certainly do!


Anne Cox

Production Manager

Halloween is my absolute FAVORITE holiday, so as you can imagine I had a lot of fun memories to choose from. I decided to go with a more recent memory from my girlfriend and my second Halloween together (2021). We did a total of three costumes over the course of that weekend: 1) a classic spooky witch and skeleton; 2) a Y2K take on Blue and Magenta (from Blue’s Clues); and 3) each other! I went as Carrie, from the 1976 movie, and she went as Anne Boleyn. The last one was one of my favorite costumes to date. Have you ever done a full face of makeup, put on a tiara and then covered the whole thing with fake blood? It’s weirdly cathartic, highly recommend!


Chandler Maloney

Editorial Intern

Halloween is the season for sweet treats including apple crisp, candy corn and pecan pie. Although my house was constantly filled with desserts no matter the time of year, my home smelled like a bake shop during the month of October. My favorite memory was coming home from a gruesome school day to the delightful aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon and chai. As I turned the corner to the kitchen, to my delight, a freshly baked pumpkin bread sat on top of the stove. Although I dreamt of tearing apart the soft loaf, I wouldn’t dare try it without my mother’s permission. Halloween wouldn’t be the same without my mom’s delicious pumpkin bread, made with love and sprinkled with a generous amount of brown sugar!


Krisna Menier

Community and Events Manager

Spooky season. The second-best season of all (Christmas being the first, obviously). If you are like me, there are many favorite memories. Bits and pieces of moments in time, of the Halloween season. Recently one of my favorite memories was of this past year. My son, newly 6, decided that he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. This was the first year he truly understood trick-or-treating and haunted houses. We spent the whole night going up and down the streets to every house. Even when he was so tired he was struggling to walk, he didn’t want to stop. The best part of all is the day before, my boyfriend and I decided to go to a Halloween rave in matching Buzz Lightyear outfits, so Halloween night all three of us matched.



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