For a limited time, fall down the rabbit hole into an immersive cocktail experience at Wanderlust Wine Co. in downtown Austin.


By Anne Cox, Photos by Anne Cox

Austin Woman was invited to a special preview of the event. Here’s how it went.

I’ll start things off simple: If you’re a lover of both cocktails and fun themes, this experience is 100% for you (as it was for me).

I’m no stranger to Wanderlust Wine Co., the iconic self-pour winery where you pay by the ounce. So when this opportunity popped up in my inbox, I was more than intrigued.

The Alice in Wonderland Immersive Cocktail Experience is located within the back patio area of the winery, closed off in an event space that fits around 20 to 30 people. Each experience is 90 minutes long and includes a welcome shot, two cocktails and an “Eat Me” cookie.

I’ve seen a lot of “immersive experiences” that are essentially a really cool exhibit or a walk-through area where you can get a lot of Instagramable photos and maybe play with a few things or jump in a ball pit.

This was not that.

The Alice in Wonderland Immersive Cocktail Experience

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by none other than the Mad Hatter. (He might be mad, but he’s excellent at checking IDs.) I was then guided into a room filled with several tea party tables, knick-knacks, roses, a grinning Cheshire cat and, of course, a bar. There were also more characters hanging around waiting to interact with us.

We were seated by one of the characters and given a welcome shot that tasted like peach-flavored Deep Eddy with whipped cream on top. If you come with fewer than four people, be prepared to be seated with strangers.

I won’t give every detail away, but the actors put on a performance. Not only did they interact with us and stay in character, but they also guided all of us through solving multiple riddles, making magic tea and solving a very heinous cookie crime. If you attend, please tip the actors and participate. This is not an experience for those who are “too cool” to take part in the fun and whimsy.

My only issue was I couldn’t escape the dark purple-blue lighting in any of my photos. It really did not do the cute tea sets any justice. I recommend bringing a professional camera or at least a better iPhone than mine. (iPhone 11 gang, represent!)


This event is at the downtown Wanderlust location and runs until early July. There are family-friendly sessions available where mocktails are offered. You can learn more or book your spot here.

Don’t forget, Wednesdays are half off all self-pour wines at the downtown Wanderlust location. You might want to grab a drink with the White Rabbit after the fun!


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