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1. Protect and prep.

Now that spring is here and the sun is out, we spend more time outside. Protecting our skin from the sun is more important than ever. A tinted SPF will provide your daily sun protection while offering a sheer coverage to even skin tone and blur blemishes. For some, this may be all the coverage you need. For others this can cut the amount of foundation you layer on top in half. Spring is all about light layers and fresh skin.

2. Opt for foundations that deliver a natural finish.

Look for words like “satin,” “skin-like,” “buildable.” Apply where needed, starting in the center of the face, as this is where we tend to have more sunspots and discoloration. Use a brush with dense but soft fibers to blend out seamlessly. The BK Beauty 101 foundation brush is the perfect tool to deliver adjustable, seamless coverage with any liquid or cream foundation. The BK Beauty 101 is shaped so long fibers at the tip blend and sheer out makeup, while shorter dense fibers at the base build customizable coverage.

3. Multi-tasking makeup products are the next wave in beauty.

Not only do they save time on your beauty routine, but their formulas are typically cream, liquids or light-as-air mousse textures. These textures give a healthy glow to the skin and blend out effortlessly. For eye makeup, use a brush large enough to sheer and blend but firm enough to spread liquid product. The BK Beauty 206 eyeshadow brush is the perfect one-and-done brush to blend out liquid or cream shadows.

My current favorites are Ilia Liquid Powder eye tints or Armani Beauty eye tints. Apply a light layer and blend out into the crease and you are good to go! Another must-have multitasker is the Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks blush stick. This beautiful formula can be used on the cheeks, lips or eyes. Use the BK Beauty 108 brush to blend out cheek color for a natural flush-like finish.

4. Curate your application tools and choose tools that perform for the products you use.

Brushes with longer fluffy fibers pick up and apply powders more sheerly. If you like a natural, light powder application on the face, the BK Beauty 102, 103 or 104 powder brushes are the perfect option. If you like to build coverage with your liquid or cream foundations, blushes or bronzers, the BK Beauty 101 or 106 are the brushes that will deliver this application.

When it comes to eye makeup, the smaller the brush, the more product it will pack on. The larger and fluffier the brush, the better blender it will be. For smaller eyes, the BK Beauty 202 or A502 are the perfect size for blending work, while the 201 or A503 are ideal for eyes with more lid space.

5. Wash your brushes every week to keep them clean, and sanitary.

Synthetic fibers won’t absorb products like natural hairbrushes, so they may be able to go an extra few days depending on the products you use and how often you use them. Use a brush shampoo and avoid using hot water or allowing the brush ferrules to be submerged. This can damage the brushes over time, loosening the adhesive. Clean makeup and tools are crucial to keep the skin healthy and prevent blemishes or breakouts.

– Lisa Jauregui, Youtube Creator and Founder of BK Beauty



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