Lisa Strandberg and Kaitie Sjostedt encapsulate Florida looks that can be worn in any environment. 

Lisa Standberg (left) and Kaitie Sjostedt

By Katherine Powell, Photos courtesy of The Shore Line 

Lisa Standberg and Kaitie Sjostedt are two sisters well versed in the fashion industry. They noticed a lack in beachwear for women who live multifaceted lives. Sjostedt studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Standberg has lived in Austin for 12 years with her husband and children. Combining their fashion experience and deep roots in Austin, they created The Shore Line as an ode to their Florida upbringing. Their clothing gives women a greater variety of sophisticated beachwear for multiple locations. 

New Beginnings

The Shore Line has nostalgic beginnings. Lisa Standberg and Kaitie Sjostedt wanted to create a clothing line that was a nod to their childhood while living and vacationing in Florida. They fondly remember this time spent on the Florida coast and the clothing they wore as a family. 

“I was sick of wearing jean shorts and a shirt to the beach so it came down to how we could improve,” says Sjostedt. “Cover-ups only get you from point A to point B, and some fabrics are too sheer. We wanted to create something that could be worn running to work or errands. If we can’t drink, dance, take a nap or play with the kids in it, then we’re not making it.”

The sisters found Austin to house the laid-back clothing style that Floridians are accustomed to. The Austin lifestyle lends itself to lovers of days on the lakes and rooftop restaurants in the evening. It’s a lifestyle that requires easy wearability in clothing that is chic, classic and comfortable. The Shore Line utilizes capsule pieces that can pair in a variety of ways while keeping a look of relaxed sophistication that anchors any wardrobe with reliable options. Sjostedt herself wears a flowing white collared top, designed with delicate translucent black palm trees while explaining the Shore Line’s pairing options. 

Easy, Breezy and Reliable 

Standberg and Sjostedt built the Shore Line pieces to reuse, layer and intermix with the other items for the greatest simplicity. Both founders speak to just how interchangeable and reliable each item can be. 

“I notoriously overpack,” Sjostedt reveals. “On a trip, I took the beach capsule wardrobe, and I had the smallest suitcase. It worked out to my advantage! Layering is awesome, and jumpsuits are always a one and done. You could do a jean jacket or a blazer on a jumpsuit and be ready to go.

“For me,” says Standberg, “it’s the Hailey Pants and the Landon Tank. It’s easy, and the back is so pretty; it can even be worn with shorts or bathing-suit bottoms.”

These women expertly source for the best materials that deliver quality based on sensory and visual standards. 

“We go to market to get quality fabric that can be felt in my hands,” sayas Sjostedt. “Rayon fabric, for example, is a great thing for beachwear. It’s durable and made to be a natural fiber like cotton or linen. It has a lighter hand feel, and the care instructions are easy. Rayon is a derivative of wood pulp and made synthetically. We source rayon from a vender in New York. Also, we use an Italian manufacturer for our linen. The one we found is so soft and airy; the process is like hunting in a pile, a needle in a haystack. 


“It may look nice, but have you looked at the weight of it?” says Standberg. “Everything needs to be taken into consideration.”

Sjostedt agrees. “You can’t just look at the fabric and say that’s pretty,” she insists. “You have to consider the important things like weight, knitting, hand-feel, permeability, weave construction and woven versus a knit fabric.

Entrepreneurship and Fashion 

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted, in any market. Paired with their extensive experience in the industry, both sisters have learned a few tricks of the trade to bring them closer to success in fashion. 

“Go beyond Austin,” says Standberg. “Don’t let speed bumps get in the way, and take stock of everything that goes along with that.”

Sjostedt adds, “Collect tries as trophies and don’t idle. Entrepreneurs can sometimes get stuck behind big decisions. Big decisions can oftentimes have big impacts. 

The Shore Line is a wonderful encapsulation of both sisters’ commitment, grit and acknowledgment of their beginnings. They’ve named each line of clothing after a family member or friend who has helped them along the way. The “set it and forget it” attitude and their standard for material excellence allow any woman to feel comfy and confident in their clothing.

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