CEO of Imagine College Coaching 

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

When Sherri Graf waded through the college-admissions process for her children, she saw an opportunity to make a bigger impact on the world. With a background in education and communications, she was equipped for the task at hand. Powered by her love for her family and a passion for helping others, she created Imagine College Coaching. Graf now wears the nickname “collegepreneur” proudly. Since 2010, she has worked with students, young adults and their families on the journey through the college-admissions process, helping each of her clients reach their full potential. Alongside her tutoring, she also helps students find scholarships and receive financial aid. The passion behind the company is her desire to help others achieve their dreams and the belief that with a guiding hand, any youth can create a positive future. Continuing to rock through life with her four beautiful children, the right ’80s ballad and her beloved goldendoodle, Graf is determined to empower the next generation to find their place in the world.



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