From long baths to face masks to getting out of town, the Austin Woman staff is in love with these indulgent self-care rituals.

Courtney Runn, assistant editor

Her favorite self-love indulgence: “While it might sound cliché, I love taking a long, hot bath. Bath salts, a good book, Diet Coke and a few hours in the tub will reset any stressful day for me. Taking time to pause anxious thoughts, pray and take a step back from the situation always calms me. Pro tip: Get a water-resistant bath pillow or tray for ultimate bath relaxation.”

Poonam Patel, operations manager

Her favorite self-love indulgence: “My self-love tip is to take a moment to give my mind some time to relax. I need days where I don’t leave my bed or couch, to lounge and watch shows or movies from morning to nighttime. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to do this twice a month. It helps me clear my mind and the stresses of my daily life or routine. Watching entertainment play out on the screen takes me to the place I am viewing. It’s nice to shut my personal life off.”

Chantal Rice, managing editor

Her favorite self-love indulgence: “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely embraced the idea of making time for naps in my life. I’m a big fan of sleep overall, but there are days when nothing—not a splash of cold water on my face, not jumping jacks, not even a jolt of espresso—revives me like luxuriating in a good old-fashioned cat nap. A cuddly blanket is always a plus.”

Madilyn Biscoe, marketing and events manager

Her favorite self-love indulgence: “I try to do a face mask every Sunday. It forces me to take 15 to 30 minutes to stop and check in with myself. I think pampering yourself is good for the soul, and it doesn’t hurt when it’s accompanied by a glass of wine! Also, the more yoga I can fit into my schedule, the better. It forces me to stop thinking about all the craziness of life, even if it’s just for an hour. It’s good for the booty and soul.”

Monika Kelley, account executive

Her favorite self-love indulgence: “I take a hot bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts, several drops of lavender essential oil, stream my favorite calming music via Bluetooth headphones and surrounded myself with Mason jars filled with LED starry lights. I go through this ritual after a hard workout or when my nerve pain gets to be too much. I suffer from chronic pain, so it is very important that I keep my body and mind fit and healthy.”

Amber Callahan, account executive

Her favorite self-love indulgence: “I load up the truck with my hunting tote, a gun, a bottle of wine (or vodka) and some groceries and head to the ranch for the open range, the horses, the goats, the cows and the wild animals. A day of riding around in an ATV, watching the sunset and sitting around the fire with a glass of wine or a cocktail really feeds my soul.”



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