Members of the Austin Woman team reveal their dream businesses.

Photos courtesy of staff members


Olivia Huntley

Marketing Sales Specialist

Although I’ve never formally visited a winery, I love learning about and, of course, drinking really well-crafted wines. But it’s all about the experience and the ambiance. So, naturally, my “place of business” would be a sprawling winery where wine enthusiasts could relax by a wood-burning fire and taste an endless selection of whites and reds. Furry friends are welcome too. 🙂


Janelle Marquez

Marketing Intern

If I had the means to create my own dream business, I would develop a high-end mobile consignment business. I am not talking thrift, but a model similar to TheRealReal who extends the “life cycle of luxury goods.” I would do the same but would go to the seller’s house and curate their closet. They would identify a section of clothing they no longer want, and I would keep the items with the greatest potential to sell, marketing them on several platforms both virtually and in person. I want to create a business model that embraces the new market. I have worked both consignment and high-end boutiques. My model would merge the two. The convenience to the seller along with a greater return for them over resale would make my mobile consignment business a hit!

Parke Ballantine

Director of Events and Brand Strategy


I’ve always wanted to own a social club. An inclusive event venue and gathering space for the arts and community. As an events professional I began my career as a bartender where I loved being a hostess, entertainer and connector for many years. I’ve also maintained an artistic habit and have many friends who are creative in one medium or another. It’s been a passion of mine to provide a space that brings people together and expands resources, connections, ideas and movements. I imagine lots of dance parties, artistic creation, workshops, dinners and impromptu gatherings in this club of mine. If I could work a pool, hot tub and fire pit into this dream as well, then I’d have my own full live/work fantasy.


Monica Godinez

Editorial Intern

From an early age, I have witnessed my mother support minority groups in a variety of ways. As a member of the Latinx community, I hope to one day do the same. That is why if I were a business owner, I would directly support small businesses experiencing language and resource barriers. My team would consist of business, marketing and legal advisors helping Latinx businesses through their life cycle.


Dawn Weston


I’d love to own a little artisan market that sells locally sourced goods. Supporting local artisans, farmers and purveyors is a passion of mine, and it would be an opportunity to provide another outlet to bring those goods to the community. My great-grandparents owned a neighborhood market. I love to hear the stories of my mom and aunt spending their summer days working at the family market. By the time I was born the market was closed, but the old pictures hold strong roots.

Cy White

Managing Editor


I’ve been writing about South Korean music for a decade now. Befriending my fair share of musicians from the peninsula, I’ve got a soft spot for those without the major backing of a large entertainment company. I won’t get into the details, but trust me when I say these artists (most of them kids under 25, but many adults struggling to support their families) are in desperate need of someone in their corner. I’ve developed a deep desire to create my own promo and distribution company to foster and support working-class artists who scrape by busking in the Hongdae Playground or playing for little compensation in the many Hongdae dive bars at night while holding down 9-to-5s during the day.



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