Meet the women behind the unique anti-aging-injectable-only boutique: Lisa Vasquez, nurse practitioner; Brooke Nichol, registered nurse, aesthetic nurse specialist and owner; and Victoria Hunter, advanced registered nurse.

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At Saving Face, it is the belief that a boutique injectable lounge should be more than a place where you come to treat wrinkles and shadows. It should be a sanctuary where you can find rejuvenation for your appearance, as well as for your heart, mind and spirit. Saving Face is a unique anti-aging-injectable-only boutique that specializes in relationships and conservative outcomes. This beautifully designed practice is perfect for anyone considering injectables for the first time or someone who is looking for a more intimate, comfortable setting without a clinical feel. Saving Face specialists take their time and offer an in-depth consultation, ensuring guests are fully informed and educated about the procedures they’re interested in. These ladies are at the top of their game in this industry and pride themselves on safe, natural results that leave you looking rested and feeling your best. At Saving Face, the mantra is: You have to look good to feel good to do good. 



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