Known for their deep cuts, Fort Never takes a different approach as they explore their musical journey in ‘Take a Look at us Now.’


Fort Never is an Austin band that goes beyond what anyone could possibly imagine. With music more akin to amber-colored dance music and deep electrofunk-inspired grooves, the band slots nicely between the likes of artists like fka twigs, Massive Attack and Clarence Clarity (with a side of Bjork for extra yumminess). In their latest single, “Take a Look at us Now,” they take a more earthbound approach. Leaning heavily into mellow piano-driven midtempo balladry, with bode instruments to add some gravity.

The music video, directed with uncanny brilliance by the band members themselves, is a live-action, Claymation/stop-motion adventure through familiar Austin locales. With sweeping strings compliments of Austin string quartet Invoke to bring a haunting sort of elegance to the piece, “Take a Look…” is a not unwelcome departure for the band. It’s a song that evokes feelings of self-reflection, gratefulness and above all love. The video is playful and allows viewers a glimpse at the bright personalities of each band member. However, don’t mistake the fun with frivolity. There is a great deal of heart and depth in the music, which the video compliments if only in psychedelic airiness.

Fort Never took some time to answer a few questions about the video, the song and what the future has in store for them.

You mentioned “Take a Look at us Now” “stemmed from a feeling of how we’ve all gone in different directions but still find a way to continue our musical journey together.” There also seems to be a feeling of rebirth and new life. Did that also come into play when creating the song?

Timmie: There definitely is an aspect of that. There’s a bit of questioning and affirmation that most of us, with a pulse, go through when we’re working through inner turmoil. This song expresses that and the feeling you get coming out on the other side. 

Who came up with the idea of doing part live action, part stop-motion? (Wicked cool, by the way. Anything with stop motion/Claymation is my jam!)

Chantell: Madison Haws, an amazing sculptor and friend based out of Brooklyn, New York, had the idea to make dolls of us and she also did the stop motion as a quarantine project. We are blown away by her artistry and the uniqueness she brought to this collaboration. I had the idea of doing the rest of the music video in live action, and as a band we wanted to capture our friendship. I had a lot of fun editing the video, and I may have shed a few tears in the learning process. Haha!

Each of you seems to play a different character in the video. In your own words, could each of you tell us what this video represents to you and what you represent in the video?


Chantell: I wasn’t really playing a character; I was just being myself amidst transformation during a time of a lot of uncertainty. I do feel I embodied the energy of hope. I was looking for every reason to keep hope alive. The video and song are about friendship, overcoming and being a light when the world feels dark. Keeping that childlike wonder is very important. 

Timmie: My character is one of confidence while letting loose. It’s very much who I am, but it’s also an easy thing to lose amongst the day-to-day grind that capitalism demands. That was a good day, and I was so happy to be free and be me with my friends. 

Deano: For me this video represents all we’ve overcome individually and collectively.  Whether it be illness, financial difficulties, differences of opinions or anything that at times made it feel like music wasn’t a priority. Music together has always felt so powerful that in the end, all of that ends up making a little more sense.

The day we filmed the video, my wife and I were expecting our daughter at any moment. So when I watch it back now, I feel like I am representing fear, excitement and that feeling you get when you embark on a new and unknown journey, whether or not it was intentional.

Now that we’re on the other side of the lockdown what does the future hold for Fort Never?

Chantell: I don’t know what the future holds, but I think we all will continue to listen to our intuition for what is right for us. We also have some new songs in the works. 🙂 

Timmie: Enjoying the moment and doing my best to give gratitude for the gifts of life. 

Deano: Finishing our recording studio and making more music together unconditionally.

Any final thoughts?

Chantell: Love, be kind and use creativity to make the world a more hopeful place. 

Timmie: Love and be good to yourself. You’re the only you that will ever be.

Deano: Come together and be prosperous.

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