Lucky Lime, Austin’s newest meal-delivery service, is lunchtime’s main squeeze.      

By Amanda Pinney

Browse one of Lucky Lime’s weekly menus and you’ll find a mouthwatering array of options ranging from kale-and-coconut rice salad to chocolate-banana chia pudding.

Are you craving a little Tex-Mex? Add a side of sweet-potato chips with fresh tomatillo-and-avocado salsa to complete the meal. Whatever the combination, Lucky Lime, Austin’s newest doorstep meal-delivery service, is focused on creating wholesome, feel-good food to spice up the monotony of a lunch break. Lucky Lime Owner and Founder Rebecca Meeker says she wants to cook food that strikes a balance between well-being and wellness.

“Where the balance comes from is being able to eat superfoods with a margarita or a glass of wine,” Meeker says. “Instead of [just]counting the bad, count all the good you’re putting in.”

Meeker previously served as the executive chef of both Jeffrey’s and Josephine House in the Clarksville neighborhood. Her inspiration to start a food-delivery service came after she completed a nutrition program certifying her as a holistic health coach. Meeker says she learned a lot about healthy food from the program and found herself drawn to the idea of making lunchtime delicious and fun.

She officially launched Lucky Lime and began food-delivery service in early April. A new menu is posted every Thursday on, which gives customers until 5 p.m. each Friday to place their orders for the week ahead. The orders can be scheduled to arrive Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, and customers can choose to order what Meeker calls “mindful lunches” for the whole week or simply one lunch.

The company does its best to stay green, incorporating environmentally friendly practices through the use of sustainable fish, meat and produce, as well as recycled packaging. As the variety of the creative menu continues to reel in positive feedback, Meeker says she hopes to see Lucky Lime’s customer base grow, fulfilling her mission to fuel the city of Austin with happy and healthy lunches.


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