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Eight Oils You Should Consider Adding to Your Skincare Routine

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Rev up your beauty regimen with one of the many facial oils on the market.

By Niki Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

There are so many different reasons to treat your skin to the benefits of facial oils. Whether it’s to hydrate, clear blemishes and even skin tone, combat the effects of aging or remove even the most stubborn dirt and toxins, there’s one out there that’s right for you, and—bonus—many are made right here in Texas!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a facial oil that doesn’t also have a heavenly scent, so add aromatherapy to the list of reasons to treat yourself.

Osea essential hydrating oil, .34 ounces, $32, available at

Agent Nateur Holi (Oil) refining youth serum, 1 ounce, $120, available at

True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil, 1 ounce, $110, available at

Olive + M cleansing oil, 4 ounces, $62, available at

Mad Hippie antioxidant facial oil, 1 ounce, $24.99, available at

Tata Harper nourishing oil cleanser, 4 ounces, $76, available at Neiman Marcus, 3400 Palm Way, 512.719.1200,

El Cosmico Provision Company Cosmic Face Oil, 2 ounces, $32, available at

Newton + Co. Palo Santo face oil, 1 ounce, $40, available at

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