Anything goes at Austin’s newest and most colorful nail studio.

By Niki Jones, Photos courtesy of Ashleigh Amoroso, Cute Nail Studio and Niki Jones

At Cute Nail Studio on East Seventh Street, glitter reigns supreme. The 1930s-style bungalow, painted Day-Glo rainbow from top to bottom on the exterior, is impossible to miss.

And inside, “literally everything” differs from any ordinary nail studio in Austin, says Owner Maria Russo. Magic radiates from the custom murals, glitter ceilings and pink walls. And nail services are just as fanciful. But services aren’t limited to just nails; Cute offers waxing, sugaring and facial treatments, and stocks its retail space with unique beauty products too.

At Cute, the official stance of Russo and her co- owner and fiance, Jason Darling, is that they don’t believe in trends.

“Whatever you want is perfect,” Russo says. “Nothing’s too crazy for us!”

Pro tip: Using cuticle oil at home will extend the longevity of your nail service between visits.

Some of the most popular nail shapes at Cute are coffin, “squoval” (square/oval), round and claw.


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