Create a no-fuss cheeseboard with plating tips from the pro, Kendall Antonelli of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop.

By Kendall Antonelli and April Cumming

(left to right) Little Boy Blue (blue, sheep, from Hook’s Cheese in Wisconsin)Caña de Cabra (bloomy rind, goat, from Mítica in Spain)Double Gloucester (firm, cow, from Appleby’s Cheese in England
THE CHEESES (left to right) Little Boy Blue (blue, sheep, from Hook’s Cheese in Wisconsin), Caña de Cabra (bloomy rind, goat, from Mítica in Spain), Double Gloucester (firm, cow, from Appleby’s Cheese in England)
  • Don’t be too fussy or stress about it.
    “If you’ve got a small group of friends and you’re looking to share some laughs over a cheeseboard, simply let the beauty of the cheeses speak for themselves by plating them in large chunks. If you’re having a larger party, cut down the firm and hard cheeses into individual triangular portions, but leave your soft cheeses whole for guests to dive in to.”
  • Don’t overwhelm your guests.
    “Put out only three to five cheeses varying in texture, color, style and milk type, like cow, goat and sheep. This ensures everyone likes something. Make sure you’ve got a separate knife for each cheese so you don’t combine flavors.”
  • Throw in some fun pairings.
    “From fresh or dried fruits to preserves or honey to pickled goods and cured meats, I like to make sure there’s something sweet, salty and savory on the board to bring out different flavors in the cheeses.”
  • You can’t go wrong with bubbles.
    “Sparkling wine, beer, cider or even Topo Chico: The effervescence of the bubbles perfectly cleanses your palate of the cheese, preparing you to take another bite and start the process all over again.”


  • Stagberry Salame (from Smoking Goose in Indiana)
  • Coppa (from La Quercia in Iowa)
  • Castelvetrano olives (from Italy)
  • Marcona almonds (from Spain)
  • Fleur de sel chocolate (from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate in California)
  • Dried apricots and figs
  • Fresh baguette (from Easy Tiger in Austin)

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