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By Mary Murphy, Photos courtesy of The Paper + Craft Pantry and Craft

The popularity of calligraphy may seem a bit ironic, given that public schools are no longer required to teach cursive. Pinterest, however, can attest to the resurgence of this beautiful script. From save-the-date reminders to wall art, calligraphy is incredibly versatile. But learning calligraphy offers more than just being able to adorn your bridal-shower invites. Discover why taking a calligraphy class should be on your summer to-do list.

Calligraphy is the art of forming aesthetically pleasing handwriting or lettering arranged with intent. The word “calligraphy” comes from the Greek word for beauty, “kallos,” and “graphein,” to write, and has been in existence since the development of the earliest written languages. While the art and practice of calligraphy began to die out with modern printing, it’s still beloved by many.

Calligraphy has some surprising benefits as well. Similarly to doodling in an adult coloring book, calligraphy can be good for your mental health as a way to practice mindfulness and enhance cognitive function. So, the next time you have a rough day at work, try putting on a movie, brewing a cup of hot tea and working through a calligraphy worksheet. Aside from a peaceful mind, calligraphy can be put to use in various art activities. No matter what the project, from invitations to program design, calligraphy can also help you save some major moola.

Hand-lettering is an inexpensive hobby that can be learned at any age, making it accessible and versatile. With only a calligraphy pen, ink and paper needed, numerous supplies aren’t required to get your new hobby started. Since calligraphy is more about engaging the mind, anyone can give it a try. This allows for an activity that can be enjoyed by various generations and people with different backgrounds and interests. So, if you’re ready to reap the benefits of calligraphy or you’re running low on creative ideas for a girls’ night out, don’t miss these Austin calligraphy workshops.

The Paper + Craft Pantry

Since its opening in 2015, The Paper + Craft Pantry, Austin’s first and only locally owned stationary shop and studio, has offered an inclusive space for the city’s creatives. Beginners and experts are welcome at the shop’s weekly workshops. From small-business planning to painting, there is sure to be something that sparks everyone’s interest. Stop by in July for an Intro to Hand Lettering workshop, an Intermediate Hand Lettering workshop or take both at a discounted rate during the Hand Lettering Workshop Weekend. In addition to workshops, Ausitnites can shop for paper goods from more than 65 independent stationary designers, along with handmade homeware and gifts.

Mint & Maple

Natalie Coulter started her business painting hand-lettered cards at her kitchen table. Five years later, she’s cultivated a community of fellow creatives through her business, Mint & Maple. This creative biz offers an array of workshops, including Brush Lettering 101, Watercolor 101 and Modern Calligraphy 101. Each workshop includes all the needed supplies, snacks and a fun environment. You can also purchase an easy-to-follow kit to test out or strengthen your art skills at home.


Less than 10 minutes from downtown, Craft offers a large, open-concept studio designed to encourage creativity. What sets Craft aside from other art studios? The unique concept of open crafting. With walk-in hours available, simply check in, get a tour from the staff, grab a bin to load full of tools and supplies and then start crafting. Bonus: Craft employees do all the cleanup for you. Open crafting allows you to work on and practice any form of art, including your modern take on calligraphy. Beginners have no fear, as one of the many workshops offered includes Intro to Brush Lettering.



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