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ATX Woman to Watch
Woman to Watch: Celeste Reese

Celeste Reese founded C-Reese Design and developed a seamlessly integrated approach to residential building and remodeling projects. Sponsored Content, Photo by David Nobles Celeste Reese is…

ATX Woman to Watch
Woman to Watch: Mia Parton

Owner of Aeparmia Engineering Photo by Taylor Prinsen, Sponsored Content  Owner of Aeparmia Engineering, Mia Parton moved to the United States with her family at the…

Five Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Designer Claire Zinnecker shares her tips for building a personalized gallery wall. By Courtney Runn, Marketplace photos by Facebook, Gallery wall picture with dogs by Claire…

The Modern Calligrapher

Unleash your creative side at these DIY classes. By Mary Murphy, Photos courtesy of The Paper + Craft Pantry and Craft The popularity of calligraphy may…

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