Get ready to fall head over heels for this local shoe company.

By Mary Murphy, Photos courtesy of Suavs Shoes

Monxi Garza

Comfort or style: That is often the question women ask themselves when trying to decide what shoes to wear. Going straight from work in that brand-new pair of heels to other activities, such as heading to the grocery store or enjoying happy hour with friends, may sound like a fine idea in theory until your feet begin to blister and an embarrassing amount of sweat begins to fill your shoes. Finding a pair of shoes that is both comfortable and versatile can be as elusive as the perfect hair day. So, why are we sacrificing comfortable feet for fashion?

Austin Woman recently sat down with Suavs Shoes Founder Monxi Garza to learn how she is changing the shoe industry for the better.

Garza has a background in design and before starting Suavs Shoes, she was originally looking to create coats and clothing with a great fit. Early in her career, she worked in Galicia, Spain, for clothier Bimba y Lola, her dream company. It was a job she acquired by showing up one day and outright asking for a position, a brave move that paid off. It was there she began working in footwear.

Garza quickly learned all the tricks of the trade of the footwear industry and fell in love with it. During her time in Spain, Garza had a lengthy commute, and as a result, she would never have time to go home and change shoes before postwork errands and activities. Since carrying around an extra pair of shoes all day was too bulky, she found herself with cracked and throbbing feet. Her designer instincts were ignited as she became determined to come up with her own design for shoes that would be both comfortable and stylish.  

Through trial and error, Garza launched her brand, Suavs Shoes. Without anyone guiding her in her entrepreneurial endeavors, she put in hours upon hours of research to figure out the nitty-gritty of starting a business, from the paperwork involved to the legal steps that were required. She took things slowly and everything began to fall into place. Garza built her very own brand that finally ended the ago-old question of footwear about comfort versus style.

Suavs Shoes offer impeccable comfort, thanks to the materials Garza uses: air mesh and knit fabrics made from a digital-knitting machine. This method of production allows Garza to determine the exact elasticity and softness of the fibers while also providing durability. In addition to being comfortable, each pair has a foam insole lined with terry fiber to combat moisture and improve breathability.

With product names like The Zilker and The Barton, it’s easy to see Austin life has inspired the brand.

“We create footwear you can do everything in, from going to work, happy hour at The Roosevelt Room to taking your dog to Barking Springs,” Garza remarks.  

Just like the fabrics that make up Suavs Shoes, the three-person team behind the brand is tightly knit and offers comfort and support to one another. And like their mission to disrupt the footwear industry, the women are aiming high, bringing more social good to Austin, with all extra pairs are donated to nonprofit organizations like Soles4Souls and LifeWorks.

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