Margaret Jabour shares career updates sine her 2008 cover story and how Twin Liquors has pivoted business during COVID-19. 

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This month, like countless other small businesses and local companies, Austin Woman was faced with the financial ripples of COVID-19. A May issue was no longer a guarantee—without some help. Our founder, Melinda Garvey, turned to the women who have always been our loudest and best cheerleaders: our former cover women. She asked if they would lean in and support us, so in turn we can continue to support all Austin women. The responses were immediate and humbling.

Margaret Jabour, owner of Twin Liquors and a 2008 cover woman, was one of the many women who leaned in. We’re so grateful for her support and we hope as she supported us, you will support her. We asked Jabour what she’s been doing since her cover story and how Twin Liquors pivoted during COVID-19. 

Margaret Jabour - Lean In - Austin Woman magazine

Austin Woman: Your Austin Woman cover story followed the story of Twin Liquors and your family’s long history in Austin. What have been some career and life highlights since your 2008 cover story?

Margaret Jabour: Twin Liquors continues to expand across Texas. In October 2008, we had 58 locations and now, with a great team of over 750 strong, we currently serve 100-plus Texas communities.

Since my cover, I have been honored to receive numerous industry awards and accolades from San Antonio Woman magazine, Austin Woman magazine, Market Watch magazine, Austin Business Journal and the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. I have been honored to be named a Retailer of the Year in both 2009 and 2017 and the Texas Businesswoman of the Year in 2011.

I mention the recognition in hopes that it encourages and inspires those with doubts and insecurities to go after what they aspire to do, become and accomplish. A phrase that inspired me when opening our first store is, “Make it happen.”

AW: In your cover story, you shared the journey of Twin Liquors from a family-inspired business to one of the first high-end spirit and wine stores in Austin. How have you continued to develop a spirit of adaption and ingenuity in business?

MJ: As third-generation co-owners and operators, my brother David and I continue to set an example across the nation for the beverage-alcohol industry. We are so passionate about educating our associates that we have become the first beverage retailer in the United States, and perhaps the world, to offer certifications through Wine and Spirits Education Trust in levels one, two and three for all of our associates at no cost to them.

Technology became a major focus in our company a little over three years ago and it is an area that we are rapidly advancing in. We now have all our locations online for in-store pick up and/ or delivery. I am proud of our team and the advancements we have made to be able to serve our communities. We are blazing the trail for technology in our industry. What I love about our online shopping experience is that you can still shop from your neighborhood store from the retail associates you have come to know and trust over the years.

AW: How can Austinites support you and Twin Liquors?

MJ: The safety and health of our team members and our communities continues to be our top priority and we ask that our customers practice social distancing when coming into our stores and take advantage of our online ordering, pickup and delivery services. As an essential business, we have been fortunate to remain open during these unprecedented times and truly thank the community and our associates for all that they are doing during this time. We are fortunate to be able to bring employment within our communities and provide an opportunity for waitstaff and bartenders who have lost their jobs to apply with us.


The way my company has come together in this crisis is truly putting a smile on my face. Reading comments on social media and emails that come in thanking us for being open and for providing a safe shopping environment puts a smile on my face. Our communities have come back to a simpler mindset and are putting what is truly important in our lives ahead of all else. Let’s use this time to reflect on the beauties that God has provided us. Take a moment to sit on the patio and look at the beautiful sky, stars and clouds and to breathe the air that God has given and to appreciate the beautiful world around us that we have taken for granted.

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