Lynn Meredith shares life updates since her 2011 cover story and how she’s supporting women in Austin.

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This month, like countless other small businesses and local companies, Austin Woman was faced with the financial ripples of COVID-19. A May issue was no longer a guarantee—without some help. Our founder, Melinda Garvey, turned to the women who have always been our loudest and best cheerleaders: our former cover women. She asked if they would lean in and support us, so in turn we can continue to support all Austin women. The responses were immediate and humbling.

Lynn Meredith, philanthropist and 2011 cover woman, was one of the many women who leaned in. We’re so grateful for her support and we hope as she supported us, you will support her. We asked Meredith what she’s been doing since her cover story and how she’s supporting women in Austin.

Lynn Meredith - Lean In - Austin Woman magazine

Austin Woman: Your Austin Woman cover story followed your many different seasons of life as a wife, mother and philanthropist. What have been some career and life highlights since your 2011 cover?

Lynn Meredith: Since my cover story, I’ve become an empty nester, seen all four kids through college and grad school, planned three weddings, become a grandmother (I’m “Gramlie” to six grandchildren with another arriving in October) and started traveling more. Three of my children live in Austin with their children and spouses—how lucky is that!

Professionally, I’ve supported a variety of civic projects, including the Thinkery’s opening in Mueller and the Waterloo Greenway, and served on the board of Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) and the Seminary of the Southwest board. I’ve also continued to support nonpartisan journalism, the health and safety of women and children, and the basic needs of citizens of Austin.

AW: Your cover story focused on your love for finding and developing homes. What is inspiring your home decor in this season?

LM: Our home now has delightful, fun spaces for small children—an art table, plenty of Legos and push toys, books and balls. We have a crib, a stroller, diapers, sleeping bags and extra clothes, just in case. Each season gives me the opportunity to bring out the treasures of the season. Today our home is filled with Beatrix Potter stuffed animals that I’ve kept from our children’s Easter celebrations. It gives me an opportunity to tell my grands stories about their parents’ childhoods.

While we continue to entertain larger groups for fundraisers and civic gatherings, our favorite nights are spent at what we call ‘kitchen table dinners.’ Tommie and I cook, and we invite two to four people to share stories, laughter and conversation for the evening. We love living downtown and have many friends in our building and in our neighborhood. We love discovering new restaurants, riding our bikes, walking everywhere and being on Lady Bird Lake.

AW: How can Austinites support you and the women in your community right now?

LM: Women’s issues are community issues. It is critical that you know the issues women are facing and that you use your voice to talk about the value and worth of supporting all women in Austin. Join the Women’s Fund of Austin Community Foundation, support Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) and support St. Louise House.


A few of the things keeping me smiling include: the collective efforts of all in Austin to keep everyone safe by social distancing, helping neighbors, placing rainbows and bears in windows; talking to nonprofits about how they are re-tooling, pivoting and doubling down on their efforts to meet the needs of their clients; reading stories to and sharing playtime with my grandchildren via FaceTime, Zoom etc.; Zoom dinners and wine and cocktails with friends; and my wildly optimistic husband of 48 years who bounds from bed each morning to take on the day’s challenges.

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