Lisa Copeland shares career updates since her 2011 cover story, her advice for buying a car during this pandemic and how to weather this financial storm.

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This month, like countless other small businesses and local companies, Austin Woman was faced with the financial ripples of COVID-19. A May issue was no longer a guarantee—without some help. Our founder, Melinda Garvey, turned to the women who have always been our loudest and best cheerleaders: our former cover women. She asked if they would lean in and support us, so in turn we can continue to support all Austin women. The responses were immediate and humbling.

Lisa Copeland, a speaker, author, mortgage broker and 2011 cover woman, was one of the many women who leaned in. We’re so grateful for her support and we hope as she supported us, you will support her. We asked Copeland what she’s been doing since her cover story and how she’s helping women navigate real estate and car buying. 

Lisa Copeland - Lean In - Austin Woman Magazine

Austin Woman: Your Austin Woman cover story followed your journey of becoming the general manager of Fiat Austin and revolutionizing the car buying process for women and millennials. What have been some career highlights since your 2011 cover?

Lisa Copeland: I sold my dealership in 2016. Since that time, I co-authored Crushing Mediocrity with my best friend René Banglesdorf then wrote another book, Car Buying Her Way. I have traveled around the world speaking to companies such as Subaru, Nissan, Fiat, Chrysler, Bloomberg Industries, Citrex, etc. on the power of female consumers. In 2019, I returned to my roots in real estate and have been running our mortgage company Austin Mortgage Associates. With rates hitting historic lows and the high demand for real estate in the Austin area I decided that now was the time to jump back into the company I co-founded 20 years ago.

AW: Despite many industries halting, people are still investing in bigger purchases like homes and cars. What advice do you have for women car shopping during this season?

LC: Both automotive and real-estate industries are deemed essential. By the time this article goes to print, I will have launched our online financial university. I have been burdened as how to help people get back on their feet after this pandemic. I have enlisted some of the top financial experts to help me create this online resource that we are offering for free to everyone. I believe that we can come through this stronger if we employ these financial principles. You can find our university at on May 15. We will be with you every step of the way with helping you rebuild a solid financial strategy.

AW: How can the community support you and your businesses right now?

LC: I would love to help anyone who finds themselves in need of advice, real estate or refinancing. My door is always open to serve. Please don’t hesitate to call. No question is too small. I believe together we are stronger, and we will rebound from this pandemic. Again, I want to serve our community and I will help any way I can. I can be reached at


I have had the honor of launching an online master- mind with New York Times bestselling author Sharon Lechter. We have a few thousand people from around the world that we are coaching through Sharon and Napoleon Hill’s book, Outwitting the Devil. It’s been such an amazing experience to work with people on how to not let fear destroy you doing these difficult times. As for Netflix, I just finished watching Madame Secretary again! I am just not a Tiger King kind of gal.

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