Best-selling Author

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

Author Kat Kronenberg brings her energy and experience to her best-selling book, Dream Big. Her vision began with a smile she calls “a powerful U-shaped bridge that connects us to everything—our head to our hearts, our lives to one another and our dreams to the power of something greater.” With the tragic loss of both parents, two siblings, the quest for meaning and the example of incredible mentors, she created her Go Big series as mythological fables to show the importance of one’s smile. The heroic African animals in her books, alongside her website, give readers fun, dynamic ways to achieve their best life amid any hardship. Kronenberg’s ability to inspire audiences to believe in themselves and their dreams while creating connection and community has also positioned her as a coveted keynote speaker and presenter for schools. Watch for her next book, Love Big.


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