Michelle Pimm, one of the voices behind Austin-based podcast I Was Just Saying That, offers her insight on how to direct a dialogue.

By Emma Whalen

Photo by Chelsea FrancisPodcasts didn’t exactly catapult to popularity when they hit the iTunes store in the early 2000s. One of the first series to gain notoriety was Serial, a true-crime podcast that debuted in 2014 and became the first to surpass 5 million subscribers. Since then, podcasts have grown to include nearly every genre, and it was only a matter of time before the creative community of Austin began to capitalize on this new storytelling trend.

Launched in 2016, I Was Just Saying That is a lifestyle podcast hosted by Austin’s Michelle Pimm and Kimya Kavehkar. Pimm and Kavehkar typically interview a guest on the weekends—with cocktails in hand—and edit one segment a week for a new release each Friday.

“I started the podcast out of wanting to create a space online for females and women to be able to relax and laugh and learn from each other and lift each other up,” Pimm says.

Looking back on her journey, Pimm offers up a few steps for those wanting to start a podcast of their own.

Ask the internet. “It seems obvious, but when you start a podcast, Google will be your main squeeze. There are countless videos and blogs ready to walk you through the entire process. From recording a show to publishing your episode on iTunes, established podcasters have resources waiting for you.”

Brand it. “Before you hit record, make sure you define your brand. Is there a topic you’re passionate about, an audience that you want to reach? This helps you book guests and plan your content accordingly. A nifty logo helps too.”

Don’t overthink it. “We all can’t sound like NPR, not at first, at least. So don’t get caught up in where to record or what mic you’re using. The pressure to be perfect will just slow you down from executing on your awesome podcast idea. We all have to start somewhere.”

Hit record. “Yep, it’s that simple. Start recording! Be consistent and ensure your content is always working toward your original goal. It helps your listeners if you have an established day of the week to release your show. For instance, each Friday we release an episode of I Was Just Saying That to get listeners in the habit of tuning in.”

Spread the word. “We all want to rise to the top of the podcast charts. That, however, takes a little bit of work, so get ready to stretch your marketing muscles. A little tip is to encourage subscribers to rate and review your podcast on iTunes. Doing so helps your show get discovered and attract new listeners.”


If you like what you hear on I Was Just Saying That or are looking for more listening inspiration, Michelle Pimm recommends tuning into the podcast Call Your Girlfriend. The podcast, which served as one of many inspirations for I Was Just Saying That, features phone calls between two long-distance best friends, each accomplished professional women, as they trade humorous takes on pop culture, politics and everything in between.

“It’s a great female-focused podcast, hitting the same message of women’s issues and creative women,” Pimm says.


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