Sponsored Content, By Dr. Tanya T. Khan, oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon

The eyes may not truly be the windows to the soul, but signs of aging around the eyes can betray our youth. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and tone. Coupled with fat loss and gravitational descent of our facial soft tissues, the prominences of the upper face at the brow and cheek disappear. The eyelid skin is distinctively thinner than skin anywhere else on the body. Consequently, small cumulative effects of dehydration and loss of collagen manifest earlier at the eyelids in the form of excess skin, lines and hollowness. How do we combat these unrelenting forces of aging?  

As an oculoplastic surgeon, I am approached with this inquiry daily. Board-certified in ophthalmology and fellowship-trained in eyelid and facial plastic surgery, I specialize in all eyelid disorders, including droopy upper eyelids, puffy lower eyelid bags, eyelid cancer, sties, eyelid bumps, blocked tear ducts and excessive tearing. Whether it’s a cosmetic or medical concern, each patient presents a unique clinical picture based on his or her surgical goals and facial anatomy. Some patients may suffer from vision loss related to droopy eyelid skin that hinders their peripheral awareness. Others are uncomfortable with people asking whether they are tired or have had enough sleep. Some patients may benefit from noninvasive treatments alone, such as botulinum toxin, facial fillers and laser resurfacing, whereas others may require surgery in combination with injections and laser treatments. 

Spanning age, ethnicity and genetics, a unifying strategy for anti-aging is preventative care. An individually tailored skin-care routine, including antioxidants, eye cream, sunscreen and retinoids, can help prevent and reverse subtle signs of aging. Moreover, a proper skin-care regimen can optimize surgical results. If you are curious how eyelid and facial enhancement through injectables, laser treatment or surgery may benefit you, please visit Tru-Skin Dermatology for a complimentary cosmetic consultation. 


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