Andra Liemandt, founder and drummer of local band The Mrs, speaks about the healing power of music.

By Lauren Jones, Photo and video courtesy of The Mrs. 

Rain spilled down on the Texas coast. Before the weekend would come to a close, more than 50 inches enveloped the Houston area, crippling businesses, flooding homes and forcing thousands to seek shelter. During the course of the the hurricane’s rage, approximately 50,000 911 calls came in from those yearning to be rescued. Photos and videos inundated news channels as the entire country mourned the devastation.

As the strongest hurricane to hit the United States in more than a decade, the damage was unbelievable. According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Harvey could be the costliest storm in U.S. history, even more so than Hurricane Katrina, with current estimates between $150 billion and $180 billion. Despite the shock of what transpired that week in August, Texans persevered and unforeseeable heroes arose.

“As the hurricane moved, we saw people stepping in to help, crossing borders even,” says Andra Liemandt, the drummer and founder of local rock band The Mrs.

Liemandt and her fellow bandmates were deeply affected in the wake of the hurricane and wanted to recognize the people who came together to help those in need. The music video for their song Somewhere to Go features the American Red Cross workers, members of the National Guard and volunteers who came to the rescue during Hurricane Harvey.

In the midst of the chorus, they sing, “In fadin’ light, in the dark of night, you will always have somewhere to go.”

“The song resonates with so many people going through something difficult, and when the hurricane hit, we knew Somewhere to Go could really speak to those going through it,” Liemandt says. “The song is all about coming together. In our pain and struggling, we are united.”

The Mrs began writing the song after each of the bandmates experienced a personal tragedy.

“Mandy’s grandmother had passed and my drum coach had just been diagnosed with cancer,” Liemandt says. “Then Larissa’s father-in-law passed away and Jenny’s mom was battling cancer. As we sat down to write the song, we were all in tears.”

Somewhere to Go has always been about hope and reaching for those around you during times of need, but it took on an even deeper meaning during Hurricane Harvey. It became the anthem for those affected, and the music video has since been streamed more than 270,000 times.

“Music is a safe space for people,” Liemandt explains. “It lets their minds wander and lets them heal. We’ve played Somewhere to Go at Guero’s Taco Bar for Texas Radio Live and several people cried. You could just feel the reaction and connect with the audience.”

The Mrs continue to support Hurricane Harvey relief, playing a benefit concert in Katy, Texas, Oct. 19, along Marc Broussard and Reed Turner.

To donate to Hurricane Harvey relief, visit the Austin Disaster Relief Network website at


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