IVitamin is reinventing proactive wellness treatments one IV at a time.

By Brianna Salinas, Photo by DJ Ferno | Open House Productions

Jordan Cobb and Jana Gavin of IVitamin strongly believe that being proactive is an imperative component of one’s health. These two entrepreneurial women both have a background in the medical field and understand how important it is to have your health be a top priority to live a well-rounded lifestyle. “Wellness is a lifestyle, not a gimmick,” says Cobb.

Growing up, Gavin’s parents owned a pharmacy, and she went on to become a pharmacist herself. Cobb’s background is in medical and pharmaceutical sales. They have both seen the effects of illnesses and know that if treated preemptively, they could have been avoided altogether. “It has always made sense to me to get to the root cause of health issues, and not just mask the symptoms,” states Gavin. Their main areas of priority with IVitamin are the “culture and community.” They are firm believers in the term “work hard, play hard” and relate that to their business practices, which drive their company culture.

Women entrepreneurs in the medical field are hard to come by. According to a Forbes article, only 13% of women serve as CEOs in the world of health care. Gavin notes that just like any other entrepreneurial venture, they met their fair share of challenges and obstacles. “Unlike other businesses, there is no blueprint for starting an IV hydration lounge. It is not a medical clinic [or]a medspa. We had to create all of our policies and procedures.”

Meanwhile, Cobb recounts the trials of balancing their newfound business alongside entering motherhood. “Staying focused and present while at home and keeping that separation is almost impossible and still a work in progress.”

What is IVitamin?

Jordan Cobb (left) & Jana Gavin

At IVitamin, clients will work one on one with a licensed nurse practitioner to establish what wellness goals they want to achieve and the best service to fulfill their needs. They built the wellness clinic with the patient in mind. In the lounge there are oversized massage chairs where customers sit for the duration of their IV cocktail. The process takes between 30 to 45 minutes, all while cozied up with a pillow and blanket.

“As we grow…it is important to have a strong culture across our team and clientele so the experience is exceptional and everyone is fulfilled,” Cobb and Gavin both emphasize. There are nine different IV cocktails consisting of “fluids and a high quality of vitamins and nutrients.” The effects of the IV vitamin cocktail will vary depending on each individual’s nutrient deficiencies when coming into the clinic. Those who opt for monthly treatments may “feel the effects more subtly while maximizing the benefits keeping nutrient levels optimized.

The Future is for Everyone

IVitamin is here for everyone. Gavin and Cobb believe that getting older does not have to mean feeling it. “[As we age] our bodies don’t produce or absorb as many vitamins [or]antioxidants,” they stress. “By supplementing to boost the levels of these vitamins and nutrients you can still feel as good as you ever have.”

The benefits of intravenous vitamin therapy seem endless. According to Cobb and Gavin, clients report “more lasting sustainable energy, not getting sick as often because their immunity is supported, sleeping better at night, performing better in the gym” and so on.

Looking forward, IVitamin plans to launch NAD+ intramuscular shots. The coenzyme NAD+ is known as the “anti-aging molecule.”

The benefits include boosting energy and an increase in mental clarity. NAD has historically been administered through IV. It is now available as a booster shot for overall maintenance. Cobb and Gavin have just opened up their second location on West Anderson Lane and are excited to start looking for their third location. “Austin, we felt, was the perfect place since it is already a very health-conscious city,” Gavin shares. “I wanted to use my pharmacist knowledge to create a wellness alternative for Austinites.”



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