SOMI Co-founder Arianna Salinas understands energy is the essence of every day.

By Arianna Salinas, Photo courtesy of Arianna Salinas

Most evenings you can find Arianna Salinas serving prime seafood and steaks at Austin’s original Eddie V’s on Fifth Street. But during the day, she serves as co-founder and CEO of SOMI, a newly launched natural matcha energy drink.

While pursuing her bachelor’s in business from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Salinas worked for world-renowned companies Goldman Sachs and Wynn Las Vegas and often found herself alongside celebrity chefs such as Morimoto Masahru and Wolfgang Puck. Through more than a decade of work in the hospitality and restaurant industries, she was a constant force of energy, meeting the high demands of her patrons and exceeding the expectations of her employers.

Like most of us, she soon found herself turning to a necessary evil to keep up with it all—energy drinks. From Sugarfree Redbull, to “better-for-you” sugar-filled alternatives, she couldn’t find anything suitable to meet her needs and satisfy her healthy lifestyle. So in 2020, alongside her husband, Angel, she set out to create an energy drink she could be proud to serve up to herself and others. Now, with SOMI by her side, Salinas has the positive energy she needs to power her busy life.

Energy is a mindset.

Every morning you are faced with a decision: Is today going to be a good day or a bad day? Am I going to go after it or drag my feet at all costs? It all starts with your mind giving your body the proper energy to seize each day. If you wake up feeling sluggish and want to crawl back under the covers, your mind needs to kick yourself into gear in order to make it out the door. Feeling energetic can come from within.

Energy is contagious.


Like the golden rule, or karma, you often get what you give and give what you hope to get. When you can be the positive energy you want to receive from others, you are the catalyst in a cycle of positivity. It has to start somewhere, so why shouldn’t that be with you?

Energy needs fuel.

Whether it’s your morning cup of coffee, your hearty lunch or your favorite energy drink in the afternoon, you need fuel to provide you with energy for your day. How you choose to fuel yourself is reflected in your behavior and your interactions with others. So what’ll it be? Coffee? A green juice? Salad? A cheeseburger? You want your fuel to make you feel great, not just energized. When you feel good, you do good.

You control your energy.

It’s up to you. Grab the wheel and take charge of your energy. That could mean starting your day at 7 a.m. with hot yoga and a green juice, or maybe it means sleeping until noon because your creative juices flow best at night. Whatever your path, take hold of your energy and lead the way in your very best way possible.
Wipe your energy slate clean.

Some may call it old-fashioned, but the best way to rid yourself of bad energy is a good night’s rest. Starting each day with a fresh, new outlook opens a world of possibilities. But don’t take my word for it. Arianna Huffington, Jeff Bezos, Jennifer Lopez, the Dalai Lama and even Austin’s own Matthew McConaughey believe a good night’s rest is a must.



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