With most of the world desperate for live shows, the Long Center offers their Good Vibes Only virtual concert series to fill the void.


By Monica Godinez

All avid concert-goers can relate to the longing to hear the crowd singing together as a collective. Witnessing artists come to life on stage and the chants beckoning for an encore. 

In lieu of restrictions on large social gatherings, The Long Center for the Performing Arts hosts a digital streaming experience featuring local Austin artists. The artists perform at the Long Center’s Rollins Studio, their shows livestreamed on Luck Reunion. The live series, Good Vibes Only, delivers what it promises. An ambient ’60s groove meant to get you out of your seat and jam out.

On Feb. 10, Sun June effortlessly began their set with ”Bad With Time,” setting the serene mood for the entirety of the show. Sun June’s setlist featured various songs from their latest album, Somewhere, along with previous singles. This indie-pop group’s ethereal vocals coupled with their mellow instrumentals kept the concert’s atmosphere cool and vibrant for their virtual audience. The chilled pop tempos of songs like “Singing” invited viewers to sway along to the rhythm of the drums, guitars and synths. “Karen O” evoked melancholy. With the lyrics like “Saw the city come down, watched you fade into it.”

Overall, Sun June captivated with their enthralling tunes and heartfelt lyrics.  

Feeling Nostalgic

Much like an in-person event, Sun June’s set featured water breaks, people conversing with strangers and the occasional silly banter between the band members. All of these are reminders of the concerts music fans are aching to attend. Joining these livestreams is a must. Especially for those who miss the feeling of being absorbed in the song of their favorite or newly discovered artist. The storytelling experience artists present. 

Spend a night dancing away with local Austin talent. Good Vibes Only is free and open to anyone looking to attend a concert in the comfort of their own space. You can stream these live performances through Luck Reunion at 8 p.m. on the streaming dates below. For those feeling nostalgic or who are interested in another outlet for entertainment, this series continues with four more showings. 

The Spring lineup features:

February 24 Montopolis

March 10 Sweet Spirit

March 24 Datura

April 7 Scott Strickland


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