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Family Foundation

Chicago-born Jakub Czyszczon always knew he wanted to be chef. As a boy, he developed a deep passion and respect for food during frequent visits to his family farm in Poland, where every meal was prepared with the land’s ingredients and cooked from scratch. His grandmother—or babcia in Polish—became his biggest inspiration as well as his culinary guide. She taught him the art of farm to fork by way of sourcing the freshest vegetables from her garden and meat just a short stroll outside from the kitchen. She nurtured his interest in food and found teachable moments in every meal. By age 15 he was preparing fresh chicken, perfectly pairing herbs and impressing his family members.

Name: Jakub Czyszczon (Chish-Chon)
Born: Chicago
Biggest Inspiration: Grandmother
Comfort food: Roasted Chicken
Favorite Garrison Dish: Grilled Swordfish
Motto: Always Ahead

Rooted in Technique

Once the seed was planted, Jakub continued pursuing his interests at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2012. He worked working under an impressive array of decorated chefs. He started as a line cook at Untitled Restaurant. But soon moved through the ranks in esteemed kitchens until he found himself at Sepia Chicago under Michelin Star recipient Andrew Zimmerman. Zimmerman became a mentor to Jakub, instilling the importance of a strong work ethic and encouraging him to travel outside his comfort zone. Soon, Jakub traded the Windy City for the tropics of Hawaii. This was where his foundation was refined through his role as chef de partie under two prestigious chefs at Senia Honolulu. It was there that he perfected his plating and personal technique before seeking his next big adventure in Austin.

Garrison Gem

In 2019, Jakub joined Garrison, Fairmont Austin’s signature restaurant in the heart of downtown, as chef de partie. Garrison served as the ideal intersection of his fundamental values and acquired skillset, offering a luxurious, seasonal culinary experience with Austin flair. Upon Garrison’s reopening in 2021, Jakub was promoted to chef de cuisine for the chef-driven open-flame kitchen. Each dish also tells a story and reveals his continually evolving passion for food and elevating technique. From the Cucumber Gado-Gado to fan favorite Black Truffle Tots, Jakub has mastered the art of welcoming by way of unforgettable flavors and unparalleled service. His grandmother’s lessons of hard work radiate through the disciplined kitchen, and every time he plates a perfectly roasted chicken, he pays homage to the woman who ignited his passion for bringing people together through food.

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