Did you know that driving drowsy can be almost as dangerous as driving drunk? Chelsea Bancroft shares seven ways to avoid distracted driving.

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Keep your phone out of sight.

It can be tempting to grab your phone when you see it light up with a notification. Minimize the temptation by putting your phone in your purse or in the center console where you can’t see it.

Plan music and entertainment ahead of time.

Make sure your music, podcast or whatever other form of entertainment you want while driving is set up ahead of time. Looking down at your phone to change music can be just as dangerous as texting!

Use an app.

While using an app to avoid your phone may seem counterintuitive, the DriveOff app helps minimize distractions while driving by displaying a screensaver and silencing notifications whenever you surpass 10 mph. The Drive Scribe app offers similar options and will even automatically send a text response to an incoming call or respond to an email while you’re driving.

Don’t drive drowsy.

Driving drowsy can be almost as dangerous as driving drunk. Sleep deprivation has similar effects to drinking alcohol on your body. Believe it or not, according to sleepfoundation.org, being awake for 18 hours straight makes you drive like you have a blood alcohol level of .05. (Legally, .08 is considered drunk.) Be sure to get a good night’s sleep before driving and never hit the road when you’re tired.

Don’t eat and drive.

I am sure we have all been guilty of this at some point but eating and driving can be dangerous! According to driversed.com, your reaction time is lowered by 44 percent while eating. Eat ahead of time or pull over if you get hungry.

Limit the number of passengers.

It’s no surprise that passengers can be a huge distraction. Limit the number of passengers in your vehicle, especially if you’re a new driver or easily distracted.

Put on makeup before or after.

This is another dangerous habit many of us ladies are guilty of. Putting on makeup in the car absolutely takes your attention off the road and can be danger- ous. Put it on before or wait until you reach your destination. It’s not only safer but, let’s be honest, it will look better too!

Chelsea Bancroft is the strategic-partnerships and social-media manager at Roger Beasley Mazda and a blogger at onechelofanadventure.com.



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