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By Dr. Lauren Sanchez

Are you constantly feeling exhausted, sluggish, tired and drained of energy? Chronic fatigue syndrome can make it difficult to have a productive day, even with a full night’s sleep. It can also leave you weary—physically and emotionally. A hormone imbalance may be the culprit.

The good news is that the functional medicine practitioners at Infinity Wellness Center have the experience and solutions to help you overcome your chronic fatigue. We’ll take a look at why hormonal imbalance may cause chronic fatigue, identify if you suffer from it, then explore how you can overcome your symptoms.

How do hormones impact your energy levels?

Hormones, which are part of your endocrine system, are chemical messengers in the body that regulate mood, growth, energy levels and other core functions. Our goal is to maintain a state of equilibrium, where hormones are properly balanced and the body has the right amounts to function properly.

At certain times, though, hormones become unbalanced when part of the endocrine system feedback loop is blocked. This is when your mood, physical growth and energy levels can shift dramatically. Two of the most common areas that block the feedback loop are your thyroid and adrenal glands. If they are under stress and can’t function properly, their correct signals aren’t sent through your endocrine system. The result: chronic fatigue.

Let’s determine if you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Testing for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is complex because it doesn’t have a single root cause. There are many medical conditions or imbalances—including hormones—that can bring about chronic fatigue.

However, despite different causes, symptoms remain the same. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • difficulty getting up in the morning
  • insomnia or trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • brain fog
  • poor memory and forgetfulness
  • decreased ability to handle stress

If you think you may be experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome, take our quick chronic fatigue quiz. You’ll explore more symptoms and determine if you suffer from chronic fatigue.

Next, we’ll cover how we help patients overcome chronic fatigue.

Overcome hormone imbalance the natural way.

Our goal is to help your body balance its own hormones, rather than relying on synthetic versions. We look at your whole-body health to find and fix the root cause instead of treating surface-level symptoms.

Here are the five steps we follow in The Infinity Way™ to help you effectively regain your vitality and balance hormones:

  • detoxify the body and repair the gut
  • eliminate chronic infection at the root cause
  • restore alkaline pH to the tissues and ensure your body has the basic sources of fuel
  • repair blood-sugar levels and the endocrine system
  • rejuvenate and maintain the body’s systems

The most important component to balancing hormones naturally is to repair blood-sugar levels and the endocrine system. This includes looking at natural thyroid support and repairing fatigued adrenal glands. Often, when we can restore the feedback loop, the hormones will balance themselves and lead to symptom relief.

Let’s work together to create solutions that work for you.

Chronic fatigue isn’t something we take lightly. Constant exhaustion and feeling “off” shouldn’t be part of your everyday life. We’ll work with you to discover the root of your chronic fatigue and create a custom wellness plan through The Infinity Way™.

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