Add this fashionable warrior-esque statement piece to your arsenal of accessories.

By April Cumming

Nina Berenato Jewelry is made by women for women in Austin, and the metal smith and eponymous founder behind the brand just celebrated the opening of her first brick-and-mortar storefront at The Domain—right next door to jewelry giant Tiffany & Co.

Her store will be a limited-time shop, open through January 2018. Stop in to see the designer hammer out charms with your favorite girl-power mantras, choose the perfect length of chain for your body and type a personalized gift tag on a vintage typewriter—all set among Berenato’s signature vintage and kitschy aesthetic.

The Hunter’s Ear Cuff is part of the Nina Berenato Warrior collection, an assortment of accessory armor inspired by the stories of the Valkyries, Nordic female goddesses who choose who may live and who must die in battle.

“The Valkyries have often inspired poets as women warriors,” Berenato says. “Their name means ‘chooser of the slain,’ and they are one of ancient mythology’s strongest feminine symbols.”

Hunter’s Ear Cuff, $76


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