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Buying a sports car can be one of the more exciting and satisfying things you get to do, especially when it comes to the test drive. Feeling the endorphins flood your bloodstream as you zip around corners and feel G-forces push you back into your seat may someday be classified as a drug. That is why, on average, nearly 17 million are sold nationwide, from coupes to cabriolets to two-seat roadsters. Americans seem to not get enough of getting where they need to go in a hurry, and among them, most notably, is the rise of women grabbing their share of the segment.

The thrill of the drive is not the only attractive feature of a sports car. While a good portion of car buyers do seek a simple formula of more horsepower and a louder exhaust, there is a growing number who value sleek design, comfort, handling, technology, safety and reliability above sheer power. The good news is a healthy portion of luxury brands have those points covered while not skimping on what causes your heart to palpitate. So before you go on your first test drive, here are some simple tips for finding the right car for you.


What is it about the front end of a BMW that makes it unmistakable? What is it about the gentle curves of a Mercedes-Benz or the four rings of an Audi that scream top-notch luxury? Identifying your style and loving its design is probably one of the more essential aspects of car buying. You’ll typically be happier if you fall in love with its appearance. While Mercedes-Benz evokes mental images of a white-collar businessperson who fancies plush leather and a shiatsu massage, BMW branched off that path years ago. Their design focus narrowed to follow a DNA blueprint of aggressive lines, superb geometry and an eye to better aerodynamics. Which leads to the next point.


All sports cars can go fast, but not all sports cars are equal. On the one hand, an impressive 0-60 time is great, but how about its performance around corners? In the wild, a cheetah is the superlative speed hunter as it reaches speeds of upward of 65 mph but is adept at changing directions on the fly due to its tail being a balancing rudder of sorts. How does this translate to a vehicle’s design? Its weight ratio. A more balanced car with an all-wheel-drive drivetrain will not only zip you from place to place but get you there with ease comfortably and safely while relying on its…


BMW’s X-Drive, or all-wheel-drive system, uses real-time sensory input that does thousands of calculations a second, giving you, the driver, a worry-free experience, especially on wet or snowy roads. Unbeknownst to you, the car’s computer sends power to individual wheels to maintain control as you enjoy a smooth and controlled ride. While on the road, the advanced network of cameras and infrared technology work together to warn if you’re driving too close to the driver ahead of you. This same technology also gently reminds you, through vibration assistance, if you’re getting friendly with the painted lines on the road.

Pair this with a heads-up display hologram on the windshield alerting your drive speed, and you are ready to take that long-distance road trip to see family or friends you’ve desperately wanted to see since the world changed. While on the topic of road trips, one of the more important things to look for in a car is…


Names like Honda and Toyota usually come to mind when thinking about reliability. They have been near the top of the list for many years when it comes to reliable cars. Would it surprise you to know that even Toyota uses BMW motors in their lineup? The B58 I-6 (inline six cylinder, built in 2015) and the reliable B48 turbocharged I-4 (four cylinder, 2014) are both stout and durable while not losing out on performance. History indicates that women prefer utility and reliability when car shopping, so having a historically reliable company vouch for them is a terrific endorsement.

Keep these points in mind the next time your lease is up, or you decide it is time to get a new whip. In the next installment, we will consider the importance of regular servicing and oil changes and just how frequently each car requires them. For now, the right sports car for you is essentially the one you love to drive and the one that keeps your pulse in the stratosphere.



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