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CycleBar, a brand-new indoor-cycling studio in Cedar Park, Texas, will open its doors in February, and for cycling-class enthusiasts, it will offer a refreshing approach to the traditional boutique experience, one in which all genders, ages and fitness levels are welcomed and celebrated.

“Our members are real people with every body type. We want to let them know they are welcome,” says Co-owner Janae Dunn. “We are trying to make indoor cycling accessible for everyone.”

Dunn has made health a priority in her own life and is looking forward to growing the community.

While downtown Austin is crawling with indoor-cycling studios, Cedar Park, Round Rock and Leander, Texas, residents must typically endure brutal commuter traffic to make it to a class on time, something Dunn, who would regularly drive to North Austin to work out, grew frustrated with.

“I can’t be the only person in this area who wants a closer indoor-cycling studio,” she recalls thinking. “The market was there and no one had filled it.”

So, what sets a CycleBar workout apart from, say, hitting the stationary bike at your gym? It’s all about the experience, the level of training of each instructor, or CycleStar, and the atmosphere of the studio. When riders walk in, they are greeted with palpable positive energy.

“You will not only get an awesome workout that really can affect your life physically and mentally, but you will have fun doing it,” Dunn says. “We like to say that our classes are like a party on a bike.”

Plus, the benefits of indoor cycling are multifaceted. While CycleBar classes do help riders burn calories—about 400 to 800 calories in a 45-minute class—Dunn believes participants walk away with something even better.

“When you come and take 45 minutes out of your day, you are doing something good for yourself,” she says. “You may have more energy or find your clothes become too big, but it’s all about self-care.”

Though construction of CycleBar is currently underway, Dunn is offering specially reduced rates during the first week of business. Members will ride for free during the soft opening, while those looking to join can get three rides for free.

To learn more about CycleBar, visit cedarpark.cyclebar.com.


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