Austin Skin Plus Acne Clinic has a 98 percent success rate of clearing acne.

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Carly Sanchez

The passion and drive behind Austin Skin Plus Acne Clinic started when Carly Sanchez was a teenager trying any and every new skin-care product to clear her acne. Sanchez is among the many who not only suffered from acne as a teen, but also took harsh medications like Accutane to clear acne. Sanchez saw the not-so-desirable side effects of harsh prescription medications like Accutane, antibiotics, birth control and topical drugs being prescribed to treat acne. Personally being able to relate to her many clients who have tried everything to get rid of their acne, Sanchez was determined to find an alternative solution to clear acne that didn’t compromise the health of her clients or result in other health concerns.

Having a passion for wellness and helping others, Sanchez found her way to creating the Skin+ Method of clearing acne through a process of skin-care treatments, skin coaching and the Skin+ clinical line. She has spent countless hours studying cosmetic chemistry and creating products in her lab to develop the most effective formulas for clearing acne. With a tried-and-true approach, Austin Skin Plus Acne Clinic has a 98 percent success rate of clearing acne through an extensive consultation process that gets to the root cause of acne, whether it’s genetic, hormonal, digestion-related or environmental. Part of the consultation process involves educating clients about why they have acne in the first place. Once they learn what is causing the acne, they are more committed to the clearing process. Then a personalized treatment plan and product routine is created based on the type and severity of the acne. Sanchez’s team of aestheticians, who follow and implement the Skin+ Method, clear most clients’ acne in four months or less.

Sanchez enthusiastically refers to her aestheticians as “skin coaches” because it truly takes a supportive, dedicated approach to clearing acne. Sanchez and her team treat teens, women and men. When clients are feeling discouraged or unsure of the changes they need to make to their diets or environments to make sure their acne stays clear, they can always count on the encouraging skin coaches to educate, cheerlead and uplift them every step of the way.

The passion and drive behind the business is not just clearing acne; it’s completely changing clients’ lives and self-confidence. Sanchez remembers a teen client who wouldn’t eat dinner with her family unless the lights were dimmed because she was so ashamed of her acne. Parents of some of her teen clients confide in Sanchez about their children not wanting to go to school or join any activities because they are ashamed of their acne. Having acne can be devastating to confidence and self-esteem. With the Austin Skin Plus Acne Clinic, there is a safe, alternative option for clearing acne and improving the life of anyone suffering from acne.

Austin Skin Plus continues to grow with new products and formulas to clear acne and minimize acne scarring. With advancements in science and technology, there is always more to learn when it comes to treating acne. With Sanchez’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to cosmetic chemistry, she is always designing new and improved ways to clear clients’ acne and reach more people.

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