Co-founders of Apolonia Catering

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn

Asia Gonczar and Izabela Ulrich brought their ideas and passion together to create Apolonia Catering, and in doing so, introduced their native European and Polish cuisines to Austin. In the last three years, they have pursued this dream by staying strong, being confident and always improving. And just like Austin is growing and incorporating those from different cultures and culinary backgrounds, their catering has also continued to include Texan flavors. They want to show that catering can offer a fine-dining experience and not just be food at an event, and offer successfully catered weddings, business lunches, birthday parties and family gatherings using fresh, high-quality ingredients. They are known for their creative and artistic hors d’oeuvres. For them, quality is key to the visual experience of the presentation, the aroma and the taste of what they offer.


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