Writer and Forensic Psychologist 

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Courtney Runn 

Forensic psychologist and former University of Texas professor Alissa Sherry has just finished her first book, Perversion  of Justice,  a narrative nonfiction account of the workplace sexual assaults of #MeToo warriors Cathy McBroom and Donna Wilkerson at the hands of former federal judge Samuel  B. Kent. Interviews, newspaper articles, scholarly research and legal documents reconstruct the unbelievable story that ended Kent’s career and  led to his impeachment and imprisonment. Perversion of Justice is about how women’s historical tapestries shape their responses to workplace harassment, including the rational impulse to turn on one another. It’s rational  because when workplace policies employ secretive, self-policing investigations, survival becomes more important than unity. Add to this the fact that while 3,000 federal  judges serve in any given year, only 15 have ever been removed from the bench. McBroom and Wilkerson’s historic struggle is nothing  less than heroic.




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