Sisters-in-law Anna Crelia and Rhoda Brimberry of Loot Rentals share their decorating secrets.

By Lauren Jones, Photos by Riley Krauss

Anna Crelia and Rhoda Brimberry, the ladies behind event-styling company Loot Rentals, are known for their dreamy tablescapes and beautiful displays. Are you hosting a holiday party, Thanksgiving dinner or just looking to add a wintery touch to your home? Here are seven decorating tips from Crelia and Brimberry that are sure to impress your guests.

  1. “If you want candlelight but don’t necessarily want to clutter your table, lighting them nearby still creates the same ambiance,” Crelia says. 
  2. “Foraging is our favorite way to add nature to the table. There’s just something about locally foraged items that bring the warmth of the holidays into your home. Don’t worry if your local foraging options don’t produce evergreen fir branches, red holly berries or pine cones. We frequently use magnolia branches and orange berries to create a beautiful holiday scene,” Brimberry says. 
  3. “For a fresh take on a door wreath, use an inexpensive brass ring and style [it]with minimal greenery,” Crelia says. 
  4. “There is no need to worry with fine china at the holiday table if it’s not your style. Simple and beautiful ceramics, or even your white daily-use plates, can transform with a beautiful charger or pretty placemat,” Brimberry says. 
  5. “Be careful not to go into color overdrive. We love the look of a muted color palette so your food dishes and foliage can create the pop,” Crelia says. 
  6. “Don’t be afraid to mix seating at the table. Benches mixed with single seats and upholstered chairs provides texture in an unassuming way,” Brimberry says. 
  7. “To help children feel engaged and out of the kitchen, give them crafts and instruct them to string together a garland for the table. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can use anything from leaves, cranberries or, in our case, wooden beads. The result is pretty, the kids feel included and you’re able to get your prepping done without interruption,” Crelia says. 

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