Are you ready to curb your addiction to your phone? Vlogger Stephanie Carls, the ultimate tech geek, goes 24 hours without a phone.

Story and video by Stephanie Carls

There’s one device so many of us are addicted to, yet we don’t always recognize it. Take a look around you. This one item is probably right by your side at this very moment. In fact, you might even be reading this article on this device. Checking it is one of the first things we do in the morning after waking up, and it is a part of our day while we work and while we spend time with our families. Plus, it might even be one of the last things we see before going to bed. 

You’ve likely guessed already that it’s your smartphone. These amazing pieces of technology seem to always be in our hands or as little as 3 feet from us at all times.

As a vlogger and YouTuber, I’m all about technology and am constantly on the lookout for what’s coming next. But to tell you the truth, I am addicted to my phone. I use my phone to wake up in the morning, communicate, browse social media and even have it on hand to write down my grocery list.

In a quest to control my use of technology, I gave myself the ultimate test of being tech-free for 24 hours.


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