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How to Make Your House a Smart Home

Builder Catherine Wilkes shares her advice for making your house tech-savvy. By Courtney Runn, Headshot by Matt Lankes, Interiors by Thomas McConnell As a third-generation builder, remodeling and constructing…

Taking Over Tech

Austin Women in Technology President Cheryl Miller leads tech women of tomorrow into unchartered territory. By Elizabeth Ucles, Photo courtesy of Austin Women in Technology In…

Scrolling for a Soul Mate

While dating apps and social media make it easy to meet someone, they may also hurt your chance of a healthy relationship. By Amanda Pinney In…

Schooling the System

Joni Carswell, president of LivingTree, is helping tackle community issues in today’s schools through the power of technology.  By Lydia Gregovic, Photo courtesy of APC Collective…

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