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The seasons are shifting. The vivid colors of summer foresee the warm, earthy palette of fall. Choosing a blue color palette for your event or home can reinforce this transition between the seasons. If you are new to selecting color palettes, the process can be quite intimidating. A color palette lends the mood with its different hues, tints and tones. Choosing the drapes, furnishing pieces, props and other decorating elements can be challenging, but don’t worry. The Zella Company is here to help.

Understanding Different Types of Colors

There are primary colors (red, yellow, blue), secondary colors (green, purple, orange) that are formed by mixing primary colors and tertiary colors, which are a mix of primary color and secondary color. Now that we know where various colors come from, we can look at which colors work by putting them side by side.

Instilling Emotions With Colors

Colors are powerful stimuli for emotions. Using tones of blue, indigo and violet can provoke a cool vibe, creating a feeling of calmness. So, when choosing a color palette for an event, take emotional responses into account.

Start With the Venue

The way we perceive color is initiated by the colors that surround us in our environment. The color palette of the venue must be incorporated into your décor.

The Zella Company: It’s a vibe.

Founded in 2005, The Zella Company is a full-service event-production company. Our experienced team is devoted to curating a color palette with a harmonic blend of pieces that will bring your event to life. Call 512.904.9137 or email us at info@zellcompany.com for inquiries.

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