Data Scientists and Engineers, HomeAway 

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Caitlin Candelari

Meet Jaya Zenchenko, Katrina Riehl and Ashley Estacion, data scientists and engineers at HomeAway. Zenchenko and Riehl help manage the company’s data-science team and use insights and machine learning to help travelers find the perfect vacation rental for their needs. Estacion is a user-interface engineer, solving complex, back-end problems and creating new solutions for customers. Both Riehl and Estacion arrived at HomeAway through unconventional career paths. Riehl, a molecular biologist by training, pursued a Ph.D. in computer science and never looked back. Estacion started off as a professional dancer for sports team and a professional choreographer. Today, these women are passionate about supporting the next generation of data scientists and engineers in the Austin community.


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