Facts and figures on females from throughout the world. 

By Nick Barancyk, Illustrations by Jessica Wetterer 
1.8 Million Female Veterans
Even though it took until 2016 to lift all restrictions on women in the military, females have fought alongside males since the Revolutionary War. With Memorial Day approaching, it’s a great time to remember all those who have been lost and honor the living for their service. As of 2011, there were more than 1.8 million living female veterans who served in the armed forces. Currently, most women enlisted in the armed forces are in the Army. However, the Air Force holds the highest percentage of female active-duty members per branch, at about 19 percent. It’s clear national security is no longer just a boys’ club.
81.4 Percent of Parents

Single parents have their work cut out for them. Between juggling work, balancing the checkbook and taking the kids to violin lessons, time can become a rare commodity. The 2017 U.S. census shows the vast majority of those responsibilities fall on women. Of 11.5 million single parents raising children younger than 18, a staggering 81.4 percent of them are single mothers. When compounded with the fact that it takes an average of more than $230,000 to a raise a child through the age of 17, the stress is palpable. So, give your mom a call this Mother’s Day. She deserves it.

1.1 Percent of Assets

The stock market may have boomed within the past few years, but studies show women are receiving few of the spoils. Only 1.1 percent of Wall Street’s $71.4 trillion in assets is managed by women. Additionally, only one woman, Leda Braga of Systematica Investments, made the list of highest-paid hedge-fund managers in 2015. This leaves a lot of room for expansion for companies embracing the idea that diversity in the workplace is critical for garnering unique perspectives and financial growth.

8 Percent of Partners

Venture-capital firms have been slow to react to demands for diversity. Women comprise only 8 percent of partners among the top 100 venture firms. However, the data is slightly more heartening at a smaller scale. Women founded 16 micro-venture funds in the last three years or so, which amounts to 21 percent of new businesses added in that category. And even though the distribution of venture dollars is gender- skewed, studies show women are less likely to seek outside investment, thereby retaining creative control of their companies.

6 Jockeys

Early May marks the time to break out the Kentucky Derby hats and mint juleps. As the jockeys compete in the 144th Run for the Roses this month, there’s a noticeably small percentage of women atop the horses. Despite their higher participation in recreational riding, women still constitute a small percentage of competitors at top races. Only six women have competed in the Kentucky Derby in the 143 years the race has taken place. Furthermore, just one woman, Julie Krone, won a Triple Crown race, claiming the gold at the 1993 Belmont Stakes.


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