Plus, four other fast facts on holidays and giving.

By Danielle Ortiz, Illustrations by Jessica Wetterer

1 for 1: Mitscoots Outfitters is an innovative Austin-based clothing brand that aims to help people transition out of homelessness. While volunteering on the streets of Austin, the founders recognized that after food and water, the greatest request from homeless Austinites was quality clothing, so they launched Mitscoots Outfitters. For every hat, shirt, scarf, pair of socks and gloves purchased, it donates an equal item to someone in need. The company also works with local shelters and organizations to recruit and train its workforce

68 Percent: Hey Austin, you’re feeling pretty philanthropic these days. In the past 10 years, charitable giving in Austin has increased significantly, with 68 percent of Austinites (That’s more than two-thirds!) reporting they gave $100 or more to charitable organizations in the past year. And according to the 2018 Greater Austin Civic Health Index, many residents say they would donate even more if they knew what the community really needed.

50,000 Girls: Girls Empowerment Network hopes to ignite the power of 50,000 young girls by 2020. Focusing on increasing the social and academic success of adolescent girls in the Austin area, GEN teaches girls the skills to thrive and to believe in their abilities. Each year, the nonprofit helps more than 15,000 girls. GEN always welcomes volunteers and accepts charitable contributions at any level, making every dollar count, with donations impacting girls directly.

89 Percent: When it comes to charitable giving, studies show women are more likely to donate than men—and are donating more. Compared with men their age, female baby boomers give 89 percent more to charity, according to one study from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute. In fact, the study claims women at nearly every economic level give more philanthropically than their male counterparts, despite the widespread and ever-present gender pay gap.

1,500 Women: Raven + Lily is an Austin-based fashion and lifestyle brand that employs more than 1,500 artisan women in several countries. These jobs empower women by providing fair wages, sustainable income, health care and more. Furthermore, every Raven + Lily purchase helps fund life-changing microloans to female entrepreneurs throughout the world.


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